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Rashi’s grandson, the 12th-century rabbinic authority Rabbeinu Tam, contends that a second zivug applies only to widows and widowers, and that a person’s husband or wife might die early if another righteous person deserves the widow or widower as their own spouse.

The term beshert found deeper resonance after the 18th century, when romantic love and compatibility began to replace marriages arranged on the basis of money and social standing.

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Others say that there is a first zivug and a second zivug, and that a person might have two matches for various reasons.

How much of our life’s path is God’s decree, and how much is the consequence of personal choice?

“That tension pops up in a lot of different elements” of Judaism, says Josh Yuter, an Orthodox rabbi in New York who has written about the religious debates over beshert.

In the poem, Batshua’s unloving husband, Hillel, abandons her without a proper divorce.

When Batshua falls in love with Fabi, Hillel is coerced into giving her a get, but a rabbi decrees the document null and void, saying that Hillel’s written name is missing a letter—a yud, giving the poem its name.

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