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Similarly, the 1st millennium comprised the years AD 1-1000.The 2nd millennium comprises the years AD 1001-2000.

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Dionysius followed previous precedent by extending an existing table (by Cyrillus) covering the period 228-247, reckoned from the beginning of the reign of Emperor Diocletian.

However, he did not want his Easter table "to perpetuate the memory of an impious persecutor of the Church, but preferred to count and denote the years from the Incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ." To accomplish this he designated the years of his table Anni Domini Nostri Jesu Christi 532-550.

By extrapolation we find that the 20th century comprises the years AD 1901-2000.

Therefore, the 21st century began with 1 January 2001 and will continue through 31 December 2100.

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