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Childhood friends, far-flung relatives, coworkers and online acquaintances shared their memories on social media.Like most traditional funerals among Oglala Lakota, Jamie Lee’s wake and subsequent funeral took place in a large public meeting space to accommodate the entire community as they came to pray, grieve, and lay small tokens in the casket.In a custom passed down through generations, grieving Lakota families stay close to their loved one’s side, taking care to never leave the body alone.They provide a meal for visitors as well as a memento for everyone who attends to take home.

She attended Canton High School and later graduated from Jackson State University.A vigil honoring Mesha took place in Smith Park in Jackson following her death.Attendees leaned against each other for warmth, sheltered from the January weather only by a ring of trees.As in life, Jamie was surrounded by so many; not just an individual, but an essential part of the fabric of a community and culture.Mesha Caldwell was a popular beautician and makeup artist with a talent for creating hairstyles in Crayola colors: curls the shade of burgundy wine, teal mermaid-style waves that tumbled down her back, a glossy purple bang falling over one eye.

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