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And then they just disappeared.” Outside on the veranda, Gilbert smoked a cigarette as I asked how the kidnappings worked.

He stressed that he couldn’t be sure — no one I talked to is sure — but he ventured that it was usually someone the girl knows: a boy she meets, maybe one who has a nice motorbike, nice clothes, who takes her shopping, tells her nice things. “Then one day, maybe she gets on that motorbike, just for a little ride around the lake,” Gilbert said.

I watched the video with Sapa O’Chau’s then-general manager, Peter Gilbert, one evening at the organization’s shophouse office in town.

Onscreen, none of the other students volunteered an answer.

And all of a sudden she’s helpless, trapped, captured.

“Then it seems to be they end up in a brothel, or married, forced marriage.

China shares a long, porous border with Vietnam across which traffickers can easily spirit girls like Ly’s cousin.

They pluck them from all over the region, luring or simply seizing them with a range of methods, from pretend romances to promises of employment to forcing them in a car and driving off.

Her fine black hair hung in a long ponytail over the back of her handmade outfit.“So she ate the poison leaf,” Hoolihan said, and he meant it literally. “It was her escape method.” During the period in which Sapa O’Chau lost its three students, Gilbert had been running a tour guide class; the first two girls, the ones who set off together, were enrolled. But the third girl, Thi, actually made it back to Sapa. But everyone knew she had resumed her job as a tour guide, the one she had held before she left town about a year earlier. Thi had attended his class, but she dropped out because she couldn’t deal with the rules or keep from fighting with the other kids. He hadn’t talked to any of the ones who had returned about China. “I don’t want to stress them out.” I met someone who offered to introduce me to Thi, and she and I sat down one afternoon in the town square.(The names of some of the girls have been changed.) It was a cool, clear October day, free of the dense flash fog that can sweep in so suddenly and obscure this place.n the back wall of the classroom at Sapa O’Chau, a bootstrap operation in Sapa town, far northern Vietnam, where hill tribe children study to be tour guides, colored-pencil drawings depict young girls with tears streaming down their faces.Some are shackled with metal cuffs; others are trapped in cages or giant jars.

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