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Authors retain full control over the content of their work, and all comments and suggestions offered by the editors are optional.

Authors should be prepared to provide any cited sources to the .

- See more at: remained the premier South African labour law reporter.

Because we strive to publish excellent and original work, submissions to the are subject to several levels of review by members of our Submissions Committee and Executive Board in advance of a vote.welcomes articles from legal scholars, practitioners, and doctoral degree candidates on topics of private or public international law and related fields, including interdisciplinary work. Please note that we do not generally publish articles on foreign or comparative law unless they raise and significantly engage with issues of international law. and LLM students should be made through our Student Note Competition.Each staff member may select his or her own topic for the piece, subject to the approval of the Writing & Research Editors.Each writer works closely with the Writing & Research Editors who provide guidance and assistance in researching, organizing, and editing a student’s piece throughout the writing process.

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