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If your child enjoys history or you just want to add a little history to a reading lesson, this worksheet is a good choice.It is at a third or fourth grade reading level and contains a lot of details that a child at a third grade reading level should be able to pick up on.An answer key is provided with the printable, but keep in mind that your child's words may be a bit different than the examples provided.The key is to make sure he understood what occurred in the story.Carly's Family is aimed at first or second grade readers.

Finally, the child is asked to draw a picture of the dog playing with his ball.You will need to sign up for a free account to gain access to the worksheet.However, you will then be able to download several free worksheets each month.The worksheet can even be used with children who are not yet reading complete sentences.Simply read the sentence out loud and ask the student to draw a line from the sentence to the picture.

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