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The extent to which a patient’s behavior (in terms of taking medication, following a diet, modifying habits, or attending clinics) coincides with medical or health advice.

If a person is prescribed an antibiotic with a dosage of 1 tablet four times a day for a week, but only takes 2 tablets a day for 5 days, adherence is 36% (10/28) [12].

Provider discussions help patients understand their illness and weigh the risks and benefits of treatment.

Healthcare providers (as part of a healthcare team within the health system) are an integral part of the five interacting dimensions of medication adherence identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) (See Figure 1 and Table 1), which include social/economic factors, medical condition-related factors, therapy-related factors, and patient behaviors.

This translates into medical visits that need not take place if strong interpersonal physician/patient communication occurs [1].

Communication contributes to a patient’s understanding of illness and the risks and benefits of treatment.

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Another factor is patient/provider concordance—the extent to which patients and their providers agree on whether, when, and how a medication should be taken.The following Clinical Reference Document provides the evidence to support the Medication Adherence Time Tool.The following bookmarks are available to move around the Clinical Reference Document.Central to adherence is the quality of the provider/patient relationship.Effective provider/patient communication is empirically linked to positive outcomes of care including patient satisfaction, health status, recall of information, and adherence [1][2].

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